Mobile Sandblasting

Many of our customers have special jobs that cannot be brought into our yard to be sandblasted.  These kinds of job require on-site blasting, and that’s not a problem.

Burkey offers on-site mobile sandblasting for almost any application you can dish out.  Depending on the job we can bring our equipment to your site on location from Denver to Salt Lake.  We have the equipment and expertise to clean almost anything that’s rusted or dirty, no matter where it’s located in our region.

These pictures to the right are typical of the jobs we have complete on time and within budget.  This job was to clean the foundation cement and rebar to insure the next level of concrete had maximum contact and adhesion to initial footing in the ground.  Concrete was immediately brought in and poured  while the prepared surfaces were “Burkey  Clean”.

Mobile sandblasting includes jobs like:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Fixed industrial equipment
  • Log homes
  • Cement walkways
  • Block walls
  • Building restoration

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