We've done our best to create a web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' curiosity. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 970-241-2302 or:


How quickly can I get something blasted?

Most of the time we can get start right away. The best way to confirm our workload is to call us. We often work overtime to squeeze in jobs that are rush.

Isn’t all sandblasting the same?

No, if you don’t know what your doing with each type of material a sand blaster can do major damage to anything. For instance on a car restoration you have to know exactly what pressure to shoot at, the right angle, the right distance, and the right timing or duration in each area. If you get any of these parameters wrong you can warp or bow sheetmetal. It doesn’t take much to heat up metal quick to ruin the trueness of the metal. This kind of damage often doesn’t show up until you paint. It takes an expert blaster with a lot of experience to do auto restorations right.

Can I buy blasting media from you? If so can you deliver it?

Yes, and Yes. We sell almost any kind of blasting media you will need for the DYI guy. We are happy to assist you by recommending the proper media if you need help. We can also provide you tips on blasting if needed.

How far away from Grand Junction do you offer your mobile blasting services?

Depending on the job we’ll drive up to 250mi for job location. Give us a call and lets discuss your needs and timing. We like a challenge.

For Mobile blasting, do you work by the hour or fixed rate bids?

We work on fixed rate bids. This way you know up front what it will cost.

How does weather affect your ability to sandblast items?

If it’s raining we can’t work. Moisture promotes rusting, so it’s important that rain isn’t in the forecast.

Can you quote a price on the phone?

Sometimes, but big jobs we have to see first to determine how rusted or caked the items is. Give us a call and let’s discuss your job.

How do I know your price is fair?

We’re the premier sandblast company in the Junction area. Most of our customers tell us we are very competitive, but the value of our service is key to making your selection. With Burkey you can be assured the job will not get messed up, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality blasting service and the peace of mind knowing your job is in good hands.

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